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About Virginia CEC

About VA CEC

The Virginia Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children (VA CEC) has been active since 1958. The mission of Virginia CEC is to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities. We have continued in CEC's mission of excellence by adding local resources for teachers, administrators, parents and other special education professionals.  Resources include state and regional conferences and workshops, VA CEC Newsletters, and other professional development support.  We also advocate for individuals with disabilities, their families, and their teachers.  As an organization, we lead the state each year in recognizing children with disabilities in our Exceptional Children's Week and our "Yes I Can" awards for students with disabilities.  With nearly 1,500 members we are the largest organization for children with special needs in the state of Virginia.


Board of Directors  
Past President Mike Salomon


Jarrod Hobson
President Elect Kristen Wilkins, Ed.D.
Treasurer/Secretary Jennifer Delaney
Membership Chair Nevine Youssef
CAN Coordinator  Rachel Bowman
CAN Coordinator Gino Binkert





The Virginia CEC Diversity Committee’s mission is to promote and support diverse exceptional learners and their families, educators, and practitioners, advance opportunities for equity and inclusion, and engage in research-based activism across the state.



Bringing Virginia closer to the ideals of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act by bridging the gap between students, educators, administrators, parents/guardians, higher education, and policy makers.  

Last Updated:  23 December, 2020

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